vendors & consignors

vendors & consignors

We are lucky to work with some crazy-creative people (and incredible collaborators) to keep Junket full-to-the-brim!

Vendors: When Junket expanded from 900 square feet to nearly 3000 square feet back in the fall of 2013, we didn’t have enough stuff (nor energy) to fill the space on our own, so we invited two dozen of our best friends (okay, and some strangers) to join us in creating what we called Junket 2.0 (we’ve since moved on to 3.0, or maybe beyond?).

In the three+ years since that initial expansion, some of the original double dozen have moved along to other adventures or opened their own stores — and as that happened, we gradually filled in the vacated spaces with more of Junket’s product.

Today, just a handful of vendors continue to support the shop. They are a talented bunch and we’re grateful for their energy and contributions!

Eclectic 887:  When Julie first started selling at Flamingo’s (back in early 2011), she was particularly impressed by the display and assortment that Becky Schuster and her partner brought to the shop. In fact, she wished she had more of Becky’s talent — so when Junket expanded a couple of years later, and Becky agreed to come on board as a vendor, it was nothing short of a thrill! Becky’s collaboration — and years of experience in the field — make her a trusted sounding board (and her ability to proliferate beauty from so much abandoned stuff? Impressive, to say the least). To support Becky and her work, look for shop product with ‘Eclectic 887’ on the tag.

Meg Erke: Meg was one of the first neighborhood artists to offer her work at Junket during the very first weeks of the shop’s existence, and when the shop expanded to include vendor opportunities, she jumped in with both feet — and a full repertoire of creative talent. Meg has served as Junket’s Artist-In-Residence since 2014. Her (sometimes fee-based, but often free) classes provide easy, hands-on access to creativity-through-castoffs, and give our community a chance to experiment and connect with others.

Dave Holliday: We affectionately refer to Dave – who joined his spouse to establish their vending team when we expanded in 2013 – as ‘Mr. Erke.’  Dave’s got a knack for treasure-hunting and an eye for the good stuff. So much of a knack, in fact, that the family car is permanently curbside. The opportunity to sell at Junket has created an outlet for all sorts of beautiful, old goods — and his collections of old windows — and old books — are particularly in demand. Dave is also a key volunteer with our neighborhood’s annual LoLA Art Crawl. Oh, and he has a day job. And two kids. So, if you need something done…  (Go, Dave, go!)

Karen Gardner:  Ever check the Craigslist ads for your garage sale fix? That’s what Karen and her pal did one day back in 2010, and in so doing, they stumbled upon an ‘everything’s $5’ clothing sale happening inside a St. Paul duplex, where Julie was testing her skill at selling overstock thrifted duds to the public (see .

Karen’s ReKreations: You’ll see Karen’s name pop up elsewhere on this site — because in addition to running her own business as an artist and maker, she is also one of the crew at the shop (in fact, Karen lives within walking distance of Junket, and in the winter, often skis in for her shifts). Her commitment to all things environmental and reuse make her work (handcrafted from alley finds!) an ideal fit at the shop.

In addition to our seasoned veteran vendors, we’ve also got a bevy of creatively-inclined consignors. Check ’em out!


Chris Miller

Tired Ol’ Belts

Cuchara Chick


Cap & Cane

Dogfish Media

Dynamo Vintage

Erika Dodge

Glen Lowry




Patsy McNiff

Resist Transmogrification Laboratory

Radar Luv

Sandra Pierce

Smirking Tiger

Ten Thousand Bottles

Tim Schmidt/Urban Art

Flourish Soaps

We are no longer accepting new vendors — but we’re always happy to consider new artists and makers for the consignment of handmade product! Our consignment application page will help you understand our requirements, confirm that you meet them, and submit your application, all within the framework of about 20 minutes. That is, once we’ve gotten it loaded back onto the site (work in progress… in the meantime, if you’re a maker or artist in the Twin Cities and your work is made using mostly found or secondhand materials, send some photos and your contact information to, attention: Julie).

If you’re interested in becoming a purveyor of vintage goods, you might try checking with the folks at Time Bomb Vintage or Turquoise Vintage (both just up the block from Junket). Julie got her start (and met some of our current vendors!) at Flamingo’s Divine Finds, and our vendors have also spoken highly of selling at the Mall of Saint Paul and Mama’s Happy. If you own a vintage shop and would welcome vendor applications, we’d be happy to add you to this list, as well.