City Desk buildingIt’s taking shape.

The long term vision for Junket has always been to nurture a placemaking culture, centered around circular economy, where:

  • Like-minded professionals can gather for cooperative, collaborative coworking.
  • Makers, crafters, artists, and creatives can share studio space and ideas, with access to raw materials.
  • Events for community members of all ages will focus on topics ranging from zero-waste to climate change.
  • Clinics on transit confidence, creative skill building, and household repair will elevate and enrich.
  • Drop-off spaces for recyclables, repairables, and reusables are regularly available.
  • Monthly themed sales offer focused, transit-accessible opportunities for secondhand shopping.

We’re taking the next step toward giving this reality a home in Spring 2020. Junket’s new HQ in St. Paul is the place where this community will grow and thrive. Adjacent to the Westgate Green Line station, we are conveniently located near the University of Minnesota campus, in the shadow of the Witch’s Hat.

We recognize the urgency of changing the fundamental way our society and marketplaces operate, and we are ready to make the shift to a measurably low-carbon life.  You belong here if you are a:

  • Business or organization serving an environmental mission
  • Professional committed to environmentally ethical business practices
  • Craftsperson, artisan, or fixer whose work breathes new life into reusable items – or could, with the right systems and support

Together, we support regenerative living. Junket will always live by its manifesto. Our community is an ecosystem that will live out these values in mutually beneficial and collaborative ways.

If you see the extraordinary value in shifting from a lifestyle based on consumption and extraction of resources to one based on regeneration, you belong here! Watch this space for more details and sign up to receive project updates.