Here’s the deal:

No current physical location for retail shopping, donations, or drop-offs.

A physical location for online purchase product pickups is pending (stay tuned… also, try saying that five times fast!). We’ll update our phone message when that’s ready to roll!

If you want to buy our stuff:  • • •

Email: • Text us or listen to a recorded message (no vm): • 612-29-FOUND (612-293-6863)

We will respond to inquiries as doing so bubbles to the surface within the context of other priorities — we value mutual respect for maintaining balance and taking good care, and whether or not we’re in a pandemic, humans being = more important than commercial interests served (no matter how environmentally ethical said interests may be).

Thank you for supporting healthy boundaries: we’ll do our best to support yours, as well!

Best regards,

Julie, the Jr. Shopkeeper, & Junket: Tossed & Found

(psst: sneak peek at what’s on the way is currently hosted at xo!)