Simple DIY Masks Could Help Flatten The Curve.

We Should All Wear Them In Public.

While the safest option is to #StayHome, you have everything you need at home to make one or more of these mask styles.

First, Some Handy Reference materials:

Alternative Mask Guidance from the MN State Dept of Health

Best Mask-Making Materials

Sew Your Own:

Deaconess-style surgical mask, as requested by Allina/Blue Cross

Deaconess-style surgical mask with filter pocket

OLSON Mask (North Memorial’s requested version with a filter insert)

Fu Face Mask (fitted style with no elastic needed)

If You Don’t Have Elastic (deaconess style w/ no elastic needed)

No Sewing Machine Needed:

Hand-sewn T-shirt Face Mask w/ elastic

Make one with only a t-shirt and scissors

As A Last Resort:

Bandana or Scarf

Turn Your T-Shirt Into A Ninja Mask

Finally, if more options = better options in your world, HuffPost wrote this article.