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Personal Adaptation: Accelerate your Climate Coherent Learning Curve

May 14 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

The intensity of 2018’s weather events shook many of us awake: climate change is real, it’s happening now, it’s caused by humans, it’s hurting people, and we have both an opportunity and the moral imperative to do everything we can to change course.

While political action, recycling, and public transit are ‘shoulds’ that many of us are familiar with, most of us are wholly unclear of what it would take – in practice – to live legitimately sustainable lives based on the key global measure we’re being told must be drastically reduced: the implied complexity of calculating our CO2 emissions makes us desperately want to focus on things that are, well, easier.

During four years of gathering CO2 data at Junket (yeah- that’s what sometimes took us so long at the register), we learned a lot about emissions…mostly, we realized that while it was helpful for *us* to understand how many emissions resulted from manufacturing paper clips, most folks just wanted to feel good about making better choices – but knowing what those choices were? That was the tricky part.

We want to help you make better choices. Perhaps more importantly, we want to help you be confident that the choices you *are* making actually matter.

In this session, Junket’s founder, Julie Kearns, will summarize key opportunities for individual and collective carbon draw-down. Small things add up quickly (be they paper clips or habits or votes) when multiplied times millions or billions of people, so we’re going to forego the utility bills and mileage tracking in favor of taking an honest gut-level approach to understanding our footprints — and understanding how we can make them better.

You will leave this session with the personalized results of two completed footprint assessments and the working ability to incorporate climate impact into both daily decision-making and broader life planning efforts.

As we all face the prospect of rapid change (whether we choose it or it is chosen for us), we encourage participants to keep an open mind in considering all adaptive options presented, be they practical habit changes, foreign ideas, or radical shifts in mindset.

Requirement: participant has a smartphone or tablet with independent wireless connectivity for completing assessments during the session.

**This is a donation based event. Your donations will help us defray setup costs and, ultimately, ensure that we’re able to continue offering events and classes to our community. Thank you!**


Minnehaha Communion Lutheran: Community Healing Hub
4101 37th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406
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