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Reuse & Revive Drive

Because we’re mission driven to rescue beautiful, used stuff from a downward spiral toward the landfill, the intention behind every Reuse Drive is to provide a simple way for you to clear specific, manageable clutter from your home, and in so doing, to connect hard to donate items with organizations who need and use them to improve lives and living experiences.

In most cases, we focus on gathering and redistributing items that might wind up in the waste stream if they were dropped off at a more traditional donation center.

September 24, 2017


On Sunday, September 24, we’re collecting paper goods to benefit Free Arts Minnesota! Below is a list of the most helpful items you can donate. Free Arts MN will also have a representative at the shop between 1-4P to accept your items, talk about the organization’s programs, and answer your questions.

Items you can donate:
-Paper plates
-Paper cups
-Shoe boxes (or boxes similar in size)
-Decorative paper
-Crafting paper
-Art paper

Because of the broad range of donation quality and the intention that these efforts produce genuine benefit for the recipient organizations, we actively encourage participants to respectfully decline specific items that may not be a fit. Should this happen with something you’ve brought, your pals at Junket will do our best to help you identify the next best solution.

The purpose of Junket’s monthly Reuse Drives is to help our community members incrementally declutter — while helping their unneeded stuff get into the hands of others who would find it legitimately helpful.

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