Events in the making


Let's tinker together!

We're eager to roll out a collaborative, experimental program that takes creative tinkering one step further: a series of classes where you (yes, you!) help to drive programming (and facilitate creative gatherings at Junket).

Junket would supply basic maker materials for each project (scissors/hand tools, glue/adhesives, thread etc.), and we would promote gatherings on Junket's social media (in addition, our staff would provide setup support and would be available to answer basic questions).

Have a friend would rock this gig? Please share this opportunity with them -- the sooner we have a line-up, the sooner we can launch the program. 🙂 Thanks!
  • If you're proposing to facilitate, please include a phone number so we can reach out with questions/coordination efforts.
  • What do you want to make? What would be useful to you? What sort of creative embellishment interests you? What sort of stuff are you hoping to repair? Tell us a bit more! 🙂
  • When/what/which method/material would you prefer/like to host? Please tell us a bit about your availability/best times/time of year, etc. Thanks!
  • Given our history of free class offerings, we are tuned in to the direct and indirect costs of offering ongoing programs (think scheduling/coordinating/staffing/communicating, program planning, setup/cleanup, supplies, tools, electricity, marketing/advertising, etc.).

    We want to create an inclusive program that can serve all who are interested - while ensuring that it can be sustained over time.

    In the spirit of making this a collaborative, win-win effort, how might you prefer to contribute in exchange for having the opportunity to participate (choose all that apply)?
  • Thanks so much for helping us gauge interest in our creative ruckus-making concept! We look forward to working with you to make this happen... 🙂
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