Responding to COVID-19: How You Can Help

Our community – health care workers, seniors, grocery clerks, delivery & transit drivers, postal carriers, and more – is desperately short of life-saving protective masks. Our goal is to connect and organize everyone involved to create a rapid and robust response. Join us and share on your social networks!

Please register below to let us know how you are able to participate (Extra cotton sheets? Sewing skillz? Finished masks? Transit logistics?) Or click the links to review COVID Tips or support this work by purchasing masks via Junket’s new Buy One, Give One program – intended to further bolster these volunteer efforts while also creating income streams for local makers.

Ways to Support this Effort Financially

If you want to support this effort financially, we’ve got several options!

  • General Mask-making support (roughly 10% of this fund will go toward building out this infrastructure). One time or ongoing contributions welcome!
  • Infrastructure fund! If you see the value in what we’re doing, both for COVID and post-COVID purposes (and understand that we, like many of you, are trying to figure out how to pay the bills in this new version of normal), we would *welcome your ongoing support via Patreon*
  • Buy Masks! Junket has just launched a Buy One, Give One program at Get your hands on one or more masks sewn by paid makers – a separate but connected team generating masks for those who wish to purchase them.
  • Buy our stuff! Junket’s primary purpose is to facilitate the social shift to a sustainable supply chain to #MainstreamReuse as a grassroots strategy for climate mitigation & waste reduction. Our online collection includes all manner of materials + tools for creative and practical purposes, plus random tchotchke that you may or may not be able to live without.
    Our climate-focused research has taught us how to run a business without generating a bunch of unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, everything we offer is secondhand/ secondhand-made, shipped using secondhand packaging materials, and sent via ground delivery to avoid putting packages on planes.
  • Give the Gift of Junket: Our digital gift cards are a great option, too, and will make it possible for us to increase available hours for one previously Full Time employee.


Our friends at Donate Good Stuff are maintaining a page of resources for mask-makers, including details for donating masks and tips and instructions for making them. Check it out here >>