WELCOME friends!

We are honored to be rallying this organizing effort, and we’re excited to involve you in it!

Things are moving quickly and we’re still putting infrastructure into place. This guidance will help you loop into the process based on what you already have, what you need, and how you are able to contribute:


…need materials or supplies to begin or continue sewing masks: As soon as you specify quantities, we can work on getting materials routed to you.

…have masks ready for delivery within the community: please complete this form to initiate the retrieval process.

…have materials to contribute to the effort: please complete this form so we can schedule a dispatch to your location.

…have already delivered masks to a receiving location: help us keep track of fulfillment, tally and report on community-based production, make sure community efforts aren’t being duplicated, and channel ongoing efforts toward supporting those still needing PPE. Thank you!


have already filled it out and are waiting for materials to trigger next steps: begin getting organized for the support you have offered: whether it’s gathering materials, making sure you have full bobbins and sharp scissors, getting your fridge stocked before planting yourself at the sewing machine, or charging up your vehicle. Rapid traction favors the prepared…

…are anxious to get started: consider making some masks for yourself while you wait (yes, even if you don’t sew, and even if you don’t have elastic). You can find a list of alternative DIY styles here, and also get the scoop about why it’s important for *all* of us to wear them right now.

…have masks and want to deliver them yourself: DonateGoodStuff.org has a searchable, zip code-driven database that has more than 500 PPE requests in Minnesota alone (the need is intense!). 

Once you’ve made a delivery, please complete the form to help us keep track of fulfillment, report on community-based production, and make sure community efforts aren’t being duplicated. Thank you!

…want your masks sent to a specific organization: we recommend personally delivering them, hiring a courier service, or utilizing USPS.com. Please do fill out the form so we can share and keep track of your contributions to this effort!

…want to provide driving/delivery support (cyclists/scooters welcome!), please apply at tcfoodjustice.org and/or send an inquiry to maskmvmt@gmail.com.

…are able to assist with mailing/shipping costs to help us add out-state and out-of-state delivery to our set of services, please DM us for a link. Thank you!

…want to request masks for yourself or your organization:

-Organizations, please set yourself up with an account at DonateGoodStuff.org. You will be able to specify what you need (and can make requests for additional PPE items, as well).

-Individuals, please consider making your own or requesting needed supply via MaskMvmt.org

…are experiencing anxiety about this crazy set of circumstances: Here are some of the things that keep me sane at home (these aren’t affiliates or paid promotions – I’ve found them helpful, and wonder if you might, as well…).

  • Restorative yoga: the good people of Down Dog are sharing several self-care apps for free until May 1, and the ‘restorative’ option on their yoga app offers a soothing and no-impact stretching regimen, doable at home whether or not you have a mat (or yoga pants).
  • Tapping meditation(EFT):  This Emotional Freedom Technique uses repetitive touch at specific meridian points (same as for acupuncture and acupressure) to relieve anxiety. Try it for yourself with Master EFT Practitioner Angela Hed Vincent‘s free online meditation on releasing fear, or join her for a live digital Tappy Hour (be sure to wash hands well beforehand, the practice will involve touching your face). If you find this approach helpful, you can sign up for a 1:1 video-based session via True You Tapping.
  • Seek beauty:  Whether it’s the rainbow sheen on dish suds or the crazy little pattern on the inside of an envelope, take time to notice – and appreciate or even document – small things.  As you wait in this small but vast liminal space, what do you see? Can you get curious about what others are noticing, too? It’s just one way among many to forge connection despite physical distance.

…still have questions after reading through this list, please reach out via the contact form on this site, and we’ll do our best to help you get rolling.

Virtual hugs,

Team Junket

The ability to see beauty is the beginning of our moral sensibility: what we believe is beautiful, we will not wantonly destroy…