Pieces with Provenance

We have some pretty spectacular pieces of furniture gracing the shop these days, and it especially thrills us when we know the story behind them. Several pieces were procured from local legend, beloved Star Trib columnist, Al Sicherman: two beautiful Craftsman chairs (reupholstered, reglued and now oh, so beautiful!), his dining table; our very own neighborhood legend and muse, Muriel’s estate blessed us with a lovely mid-century writing desk, a massive, sturdy tiger oak buffet,  a sewing table; even Marlis, one of our aaaahhhh-mazing vendors, brought in a stately, solid desk that had belonged to her grandfather.

Pieces like these remind us of how things were once made—with skill, grace, attention to detail, one at a time. Built to last. It’s like you can feel not just the energy of all the souls who passed through these pieces—the craftsperson, the original owner, anyone who came along later—but the DNA of the old wood itself, emanating from each one. Try getting that from a cold-hearted, mass-produced Ikea piece. If a piece arrives at the shop broken, our spectacular magicmaker extraordinaire, Katherine (from Fixity!), can work her magic, fixing something that might easily be overlooked, or worse—pitched. Come in, have a seat on Al’s chair, run your hand along Muriel’s desk, sit at the desk where Marlis’ grandfather once sat. We challenge you not to be moved by the experience.