Product Analysis

It’s our intention that all products offered at Junket do more environmental good than harm. By Q3, 2017, all handmade products offered for sale at Junket will be, at worst, carbon neutral based on concrete analysis of the product’s individual parts (more details available upon request).

We’ve set up this form so makers and artists can easily help us gather the details needed to determine whether or not their regularly produced items are in alignment with these standards.

Please complete this form one time for each product line you are proposing for inclusion at the shop. Don’t think too hard — just give us your best approximations (we’ll follow up if more information is needed).

  • At Junket, we measure and report on the degree to which our products are made using secondhand materials. Total percentage of estimated weights should add up to 100%.
    Product ComponentIs this component of your product acquired new or secondhand?Continuing source of this component (new or reuse)Estimated percentage of total product weight (estimate)Material make-up of component (paper, metal, wood, etc.) 
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.