1/4 lb of dictionary pages for creative use


Many of you have wondered how we make the page prints that have been a Junket staple for more than half a decade. It’s surprisingly easy (we put the pages through a laser printer), but it does take some figuring out: if you use pages that are too thin, they jam the printer. Too old and crispy, they break down and, um, jam the printer. Using tweezers to clear out itty bits of crispy paper is no fun at all, and we don’t recommend it.

We’ve learned, through our years of trial and error, that there’s a certain Goldilocks effect to having the right pages: when they’re *just right,* they do beautifully in just about any laser printer we’ve tried… and we’ve tried enough of them to be pretty certain that our collection will work with your printers, too.

And so, we offer you the opportunity to make your own page prints, at home, DIY style, using pre-approved pages carefully culled from *broken books only.*It’s true: we’re anal retentive about honoring the best and highest use of all the things, so if the dictionary is intact, we let it stay a dictionary.

Pages are *roughly* 8.5×11, but will vary between 8×10 and 9×12. Some will have thumb cutouts, but not all. All pages we’ve set aside for you guys are confirmed to fit within the wiggle room offered by the printer trays we’ve worked with, but we haven’t been to your house to try yours. SO- if your printer maxes out at 8.5×11″, please send us a note after ordering and we’ll make sure you get something small enough to fit.

1/4 pound of these pages = roughly 30 individual pages… enough to test a few and still have plenty for art and gifts.

OH- and if you’re thinking of reselling your prints, we’re cool with that — but let’s get you set up with a commercial license before you print any of our house designs on these glorious pages. 🙂 Thanks!

PS- these make gorgeous envelopes, too (Save The Dates, anyone?).

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