One dozen decorative nailhead upholstery tacks / vivid vintage pushpins / MCM office thumbtacks




When you purchase this listing, you’ll receive one dozen new old stock upholstery tacks in your choice of colors (see second photo for numbers that correspond with the various spinner sections). Tack size & weight vary slightly by color. Sourced from an old Montana estate, we don’t have a lot of info about them, but the colors are fabulous and we sold a lot of them at our shop on Minnehaha. Great for use on vision boards/cork boards, as a complement or contrast to upholstery fabric, decorative ornamentation on artistic frames and furniture… we use them as super sturdy thumbtacks (if you need a wine cork project, just add these and glue…). Oh! And yes- they can be used with magnets.

You’re likely aware that almost all lifecycle emissions for durable goods are generated before those products reach point of sale — hence the quantifiable climate-preserving benefit of choosing to extend the useful life of existing goods rather than purchasing new ones (roughly 90% fewer emissions – often more!).

You may be surprised to learn (as we were — check our discovery at!) that freight shipping emissions are surprisingly low on a per-finished-product basis (unlike travel for humans or the compounded -pre-manufacturing transit emissions generated to move raw materials prior to distillation, concentration, etc.), as long as they don’t travel to you on a plane.

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Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 in
Primary color

1- Matte Muted Blue, 10 – Mottled Lichen, 11-Matte Apple Green, 12-Glossy Dark Green, 13- Matte Dark Green, 14 – Aqua, 15 – Bright Lupine, 16 – Mottled Blue, 2 – Creamy White, 3 – Burnt Sienna, 4 – Warm Chocolate, 5 – Maroonish, 6 – Bright Red, 7 – Pink, 8 – Mustard Gold, 9 – Yellow, Cool Mix, Surprise Me! Mix, Warm Mix


ethical supply, Metal, metal tacks, mixed metal, reuse product, secondhand sourced product, steel

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