DIY mask making kit – includes parts to make 5 masks


When you purchase this item, you’ll receive all the parts and instructions necessary for sewing five face masks in a modified surgical style with handmade ties, a filter pocket, & a slot for an optional nose wire (we recommend using a twist tie or paper clip… add a dab of glue or bit of tape on the ends so they don’t poke through the fabric (or you!). The final picture in this listing shows three completed sample masks (you’ll have enough to make five with the kit).

You will learn how to make bias tape using just safety pins and an iron. While machine sewing is fastest (assuming proficiency with the machine), these could also be sewn by hand.

All fabric is 100% cotton or a cotton/poly blend, secondhand-sourced, and freshly laundered.  The fabric that covers the face will be white or cream, while the trim may be a mix of matching and/or patterned fabric. One spool of thread is included. Colors will vary.

We’re providing this option for those seeking multiple masks at a DIY price point. Having everything show up at once takes a lot of the guess work out of getting started, and having it show up without generating a bunch of manufacturing waste is a bonus!

We encourage you to use what you learn from this kit to keep making masks in your own community.

NOTE: these are not hospital-grade masks and can not be expected to keep you from becoming ill. Wearing one reduces the risk that you will infect others (that whole catching spit droplets thing), and the CDC recommends that we all wear them outside of our homes to curb the risk and rate of  community infection. Please follow scientific guidelines and best practices to limit your personal risk: stay home, wash hands frequently, practice social distancing (6′ minimum distance), and all that good stuff.


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At Junket, we embrace the practice of reuse as an environmentally and socially ethical business and design strategy: if we can’t find a way to make a product entirely out of reuse materials, we don’t make the product.

While we rely on new printer toner for shipping labels and any printed materials in our orders, all packaging proper is secondhand sourced, and given what we understand about the emissions generated by airplanes, your purchase will be shipped via ground transit if you do not retrieve it locally.

Let’s face the facts: our current economy is functioning as an intergenerational Ponzi scheme: Industrial manufacturers strip natural resources and sully others to produce cheaply made, likely-to-break goods.

No future generation, no matter how smart, should have to clean up after these messes (nor should any of *us* be throwing our dollars after such a devastating ‘investment’ – hint: it’s fraud).

By choosing to source materials directly from the closets and attics of people who want to downsize anyway, we’re helping the boomers declutter, getting ahead of the Ponzi, watching out for the kids, raising an eyebrow at faux-circular economy concepts that rely on making things from new materials based on the ‘idea’ that the new thing will maybe be reused at some unknown point in the future, and giving people opportunities to participate meaningfully in both social and environmental regeneration through collaborative contribution.

Seems like a decent way of doing business, no?


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