Fuck Fossil Fuels: Pearl Mauve Remix (Limited Edition: 50)


Fork ’em and fuck ’em.

Wait, so how does this work, exactly? Send us your shirt, and we’ll print this message using a limited run of sparkly Pearl Mauve salvaged ink. This is a custom color blended from the leftovers of other ink printings, so it’s one and done, never to be seen again! Get yours printed before the well runs dry. Once your shirt is done, we’ll either mail it back, or you can come pick it up from Monkey in a Dryer Screen Printing in NE Minneapolis. Just make your choice below, and all the info you need will be included with your order form!

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Send us your t-shirt. We’ll print it with your chosen message using salvaged inks, and we’ll send it back to you in the same packaging (via ground transit – for the planet).

Estimated GHG emissions from putting your existing cotton tee on a 4000 mile round trip to Mpls: .06 pounds CO2-e.

Comparable GHG emissions generated during manufacture of a new shirt before it leaves (China)?: 4 pounds CO2-e

Water required to put your existing cotton tee on a 4000 mile round trip to Mpls: none.

Water used in the process of making a new cotton tee: 500 gallons.

Feeling good about making a choice that’s undeniably #BetterThanNew? Priceless.

Questions about how the process works? Check out our FAQs here!

Additional information

How do you want your shirt returned to you?

I want it mailed back to me., I want to pick up in Minneapolis.


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