i pretty much suck. (sorry)’ Greeting Card – embossed


Own up to being a sucky friend, and aim to be a better one. This card is a good place to start.

Junket’s house made cards are produced using 100% reused materials. Each one (blank inside) comes with an envelope that has also been sourced secondhand.

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All of Junket’s products are made using mostly – if not entirely – secondhand materials, and this embossed card is no exception.

We’ve sourced card stock from an estate cleanout (this was perfectly good stuff sitting in someone’s office), envelopes from another one, and have married them with our custom designs.

We’d rather know that the world’s limited resources are available for more important things than commodity office products (things like clean drinking water and a habitable planet, for example).

Your decision to choose this re-manufactured product instead of buying a new or recycled one actually keeps carbon in the ground (and does so without caveats or asterisks).

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