BINGO Notebook (100% Reuse)


Handmade, refillable journal made in Minneapolis using 100% secondhand materials. Bound at top = great for lefties!

Note: choosing this remanufactured product instead of a new or recycled product actually keeps carbon in the ground (and does so without caveats or asterisks).


We’re on a mission to offer access to products that actually *keep* carbon in the ground (as opposed to recycled or ‘less bad’ alternatives to newly manufactured goods).

We’d rather know that the world’s limited resources are available for more important things than commodity office products (things like clean drinking water and a habitable planet, for example), and we know we’re not alone — so we thought we’d develop our products around this design constraint…

This notebook has been made at our Minneapolis shop using 100% secondhand sourced materials (two vintage bingo cards donated by a neighbor, five ounces of crisp white paper sourced from a St. Paul grandmother’s basement, and used binder rings found via an online source).  Remember how companies sometimes tout visual imperfections as being intentional to their product? Yup. Same here… in fact, you’re likely to find small crayon marks made by a child (and in particular, by a child who’s now old enough to be your grandmother…)

No matter how much we may dream of paperless lives, it’s still handy to write things down from time to time — so if you’re going to use a notebook (or give one as a gift), consider making a choice that’s legitimately not going to mess with the environment (especially because they’re refillable).

Thanks to the graphic sensibilities of early BINGO card designers, every one of our notebooks sports not only a plethora of letters and numbers, but also a visual element representing good fortune.

Zero waste, conscientious reuse? Bingo!

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 x 6 x 3 in


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