‘Ripe Tomato’ Hand Towel


Secondhand towel, printed in Minneapolis using first class quotations. Zero waste. Conscientious reuse. Home-grown tomatoes.


Every one of Junket’s hand-printed towels has previous life experience.

This matters, because it takes a whole lot of water to grow cotton — not to mention the resources required for industrial processing of the raw materials…

We’d rather know that those limited resources are available for more important things than a towel with words on it (things like clean drinking water, a habitable planet, and homegrown tomatoes…).

But people still use towels — and people love giving gifts — so if you’re going to use a towel (or give one as a gift), you might as well give or enjoy one that isn’t going to eff up the planet.

In fact, get a few, so y’all can ditch the paper toweling with grace and contentment…  Zero waste. Conscientious Reuse. Ethical consumption. Let’s do this.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 8 x 3 x 3 in


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