Pair of 10″ knitting needles (short)


When you purchase this item, we will hand select a pair of 10″ knitting needles in the size of your choice. Colors may vary.

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Our knitting needles have all led previous lives, where they have helped to create warm and cozy scarves, socks and sweaters. If your main concern is having the right size for your project, and the color of the needles doesn’t concern you, then we’ve got you covered. When you order, you will receive a pair of previously owned metal knitting needles in your specified US size that are in perfect working condition. Needles are roughly 10″ long, on average.


We choose not to put our goods in the air because shipping via plane is 10x more harmful than shipping via truck. It may take a couple days longer, but it’s a good chance to slow down, practice patience, and build up even more excitement for your package to arrive!


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