Masks with Swears: 100% reuse/vintage materials, Deaconess/surgical style mask w/ filter pocket, nose wire channel, curse words badass fbomb




During July 2020, we’re running a Buy One, Give One program where for every mask purchased, we’re donating another within Minneapolis proper – following the murder of George Floyd and the disruption that followed, the need for support is significant and this is one way we’ve found we can be helpful.

Now, on with the listing!

SO- we’ve learned through experience that humor, creativity, and effusive cursing are all potent crisis management strategies (hey, did you know that swears are scientifically proven to ease pain? Here’s to your health!). With this listing, you pick the mask, you pick the message, and we make it happen for you.

Speaking of health, it should be noted that these masks are *not* medical grade masks, and neither guaranteed to prevent illness nor avoid disease transmission.

When you purchase any variation of this listing, you’ll receive one handmade surgical-style pleated face mask crafted by one of Junket’s talented sewists. Masks are made of 100% repurposed cotton/cotton-poly (mostly vintage) fabric and thread. Prints are made using water-based ink by a 100% solar powered Minneapolis-based company.

After testing and modifying many different styles over the course of months, we’ve landed on a modified version of the Deaconess-style mask. We like it because it allows users to customize in multiple ways for a fit that will work:

• ties = use to fit to any head size.

• filter pocket = test/add filter options/material thicknesses to figure out what works best for your breathing needs, activity levels, and weather conditions.

• a narrow channel created for the insertion of an optional nose wire (paper clip? twist tie? We created solution where you decide what works best for you) = fit closer to face, reduce fogging on eyeglasses, ability to remove the wire prior to laundering (or Instant Pot steaming…google it!).

• lightweight cotton/cotton-poly material = good option for warm summer weather, minimal breathing interference, and/or as a ‘keep it clean’ layer that can be tied over a medical grade mask.

Given what we know about the adverse impacts of textile production (water, land use, pollution, yikes!), our masks are made in alignment with a longstanding mission to influence consumer demand for new manufacturing (downward!) by providing high quality alternative products made using the most sustainable materials possible: the ones that already exist. We pay makers a production rate that supports livable incomes.

We also ship using exclusively secondhand materials and ground shipping: no planes, less pollution/fewer emissions.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
add a message on the front

badass, fuck. (fuckfuckfuck), fuckballs, namaste large script, namaste small script, PLAIN-no ink, please, too damn close!

Primary color

80s Pride, Cream, Cream & Aqua, Cream & Brown, Cream & Coral, Light Blue, Red Stripe, Sunshine Stripe, Surprise Me!


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