Platinum hinge hoop earrings (4.0 g)


Pretty, simple platinum hoops.

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About Junket’s Gold & Platinum Jewelry:

We err on the side of caution: we test products for gold and platinum using the Auracle __ (recommended to us for its accuracy by the good people at Stebgo, Inc.). Rather than risk damaging these items to determine what’s inside, we’ve spent the better part of a decade learning how to distinguish the real stuff from the faux. When we list something as having a specific Karat reading, it’s because the calibrated tool has reported these results.

You may wish to seek an appraisal upon receipt of your product. If you do, and you find that something we’ve advertised sold you is plated or fill instead of solid precious metals, we will be glad to accept a return of the item within 30 days of purchase along with proof of appraisal, and in those circumstances, we would refund your purchase price plus reimburse $50 for appraisal fees.

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Weight 0.141096 oz
Dimensions 0.563 × 0.188 in