Printable Greeting Card – Your Gift Is On Its Way


Digital Download For Personal Use (Commercial License Available – please contact)



How many of us have rushed out at the last minute to get a gift because it’s socially frowned upon to show up without one on the day of the big gift exchange? How many of us would prefer to find the right item and/or to not be guilted? How many of us are squirmy about the whole practice of obligatory gift giving? And how many of us approach gift selection with a spirit of procrastination?

If you raised your hand (however meekly) for any of these, this printable card is for you: if you have five minutes, you have time to redeem yourself (whether you’ve purchased your gift from us or elsewhere).

We’ll let you decide whether or not to include a printout of what you’re giving along with the card. And, we’ve even given you a perfect excuse to print this on something from the recycle bin (because 3 gallons of water saved per page of office paper, plus emissions avoided to the tune of 3.5x the weight of the paper you print on…small things add up). If you want to double your impact, try one of these fits-perfectly envelope templates on a second page:

Diagonal fold

Somewhat complicated origami version

Cut & paste version (props to Lindsey over at The Postman’s Knock)

And, we’re even providing options at this late stage: original (with *actual* swears), censored (with implied swears), and grandma version (all cleaned up for the senior sanctimonious set).