SOLD – Vintage 1930s Linen Postcard Packet – Hollywood, California


Gorgeous set of 1930s photo cards with scenes of old Hollywood — Hollywood Hills, Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood Bowl and Radio City are along represented, along with others. These are not typical postcards, but two sided photos. The entire packet folds up and could be mailed in the 1930s at the postcard rate of the time.

Linen postcards were popular in the United States from the 1930s until the 1950s. Contrary to their name, these postcards weren’t actually made out of linen. Instead, the name refers to the surface texture of the postcard —  a high rag content meant that the paper contained a certain amount of cotton fiber. Two key traits of linen postcards are their saturated colors and soft focus, both of which lend a dream-like quality to every image.

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