Sandbakkelse tart tins / vintage wax mold / choose shape & quantity




When you purchase this listing, you’ll receive one vintage sandbakkel/tart tin in the shape of your preference. Multiple styles and quantities may be selected from within the listing (free shipping kicks in at $35 in product). Perfect for using as intended (baking yummy treats!) or for making candles, soaps, wax melts, or creatively repurpose these to hold small items or contain gifts in something that can be easily reused.

Please note that the photographed product is a representative example of what you’ll receive when you purchase this item. That said, product may be older or newer, and minor details may vary from item to item within the same variation (smooth bottom vs. bullseye bottom, for example). In the case of multiples, we’ll do our best to match (finish, exact dimensions for stacking) within variations – but this, too, will depend on existing stock and your chosen quantities. Thanks for understanding some of the unique factors involved in offering secondhand goods in customizable/ flexible quantities and styles! 🙂
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Secondhand goods are embodied energy: choosing to purchase secondhand items instead of new extends the useful life of existing things and avoids the new manufacturing emissions that amplify climate change.

Your order will be shipped in secondhand packaging and will not be put on a plane.

Choosing to be patient is good for our future. We’ll do our best to be good to you with this order. <3 Thanks for supporting our work!

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 in

Antique specialty, Five point star, Fluted diamond, Fluted heart, Fluted oblong, Fluted round, Mirro bundt, Round jello mold, Round w/ zigzag edge


~1.5 x .5", ~2.25 x .75", ~3 x .5", ~3 x 1", ~3 x 2", ~4 x 1", ~4 x 2 x .5"


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