Semi-precious stone lot (Tiger eye, amethyst, etc.) for repurpose/repair


Tiger eye, amethyst, & azurite/malachite

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Stone size, small to large: .5x.5, .56x.81, 1.63x.813,1×2.313

Our consumer culture has taught us that broken things should be thrown away – but in many cases, what’s broken is not only repairable, but it’s also beautiful (and sometimes one-of-a-kind). We’ve realized that fixing everything on our end distracts us from our broader mission, and since we know some of you have the vision and skills to make these beauties shine, we’ve decided to offer them at prices well below what they would command in perfect condition. Whether you repair them or use their beautiful bits to make something else, we’d love to see the finished result (#junketremake)

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