BUY ONE, GIVE ONE! Surgical-style pleated face mask w/ filter pocket & channel for optional nose wire


When you purchase this listing, you’ll receive one handmade surgical-style pleated face mask. The mask will have been sewn by a Minnesota maker using secondhand materials in woven cotton or a cotton/poly blend. We’re also offering mask-making kits.

A second mask (sewn by a paid maker) will be donated within our own community.

Each mask has adjustable ties to provide a snug fit. Each has a filter pocket and a thin channel into which you can insert a wire (paper clip? twist tie?) for a better fit at the nose.

We’re excited to have had the opportunity to partner with local food justice and mutual aid organizations in this effort. Our community needs masks. Your purchase helps us provide more of them.



Secondhand goods are embodied energy. So are new products made using 100% secondhand materials. We’ve designed our commerce systems and production processes with this in mind.

Our products generate no manufacturing emissions: we want a livable future on a habitable planet. Also, we want to sleep well at night. We offer secondhand goods and remanufactured product on both and on Etsy.

We refuse to compete on price with foreign/online companies or extractive business models. Why? We value local jobs, community-oriented businesses, livable incomes, and keeping community resources circulating among community members. Competing on price is a race to the bottom.

You can feel good about spending a little extra to know we’re not cutting corners when it comes to your environmental footprint.

We will ship your purchase using ground transit. It will come in secondhand packaging. This is the change we need. Thanks for supporting our work!

Additional information

Weight 2 oz

Cream w/ contrast stitch, Pale Blue w/ contrast stitch, Pride Rainbow, Red Stripe, Sunshine Stripe, Brown Gingham, Coral Gingham, Plaid Pastel, Pale Blue w/ Floral Trim, Surprise Me!

Print Option

Plain (no print), #BlackLivesMatter


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