Ten assorted vintage, rescued metal safety pins in various sizes.


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We know how impossible it can be to find small sewing notions without getting them new from a big box craft store or ordering as an ‘add-on item’ from that online behemonopoly…

It’s taken us longer to list these than we’ve wanted (they were a staple at our Minneapolis shop), but such is life, and we’ve got them for you now.

When you purchase this item, we’ll send you a sweet little paper packet made out of an old book page or map, with ten safety pins tucked inside, intended to get you through mends and projects when you need them.

Quick tip: a few quick jabs into an emery sand strawberry (the ones you see attached to those tomato-style pincushions) or into a steel-wool pincushion will help keep these sharp between uses.

In order to ensure that this item is not put on a plane, we advertise this item as shipping via parcel select ground. It would be great if the USPS wouldn’t charge 10x more to ship via ground than on a plane for tiny items like these, but they don’t, and we’re sticking to our ethical guns on this one. That said, there are options that align with the sort of commerce behaviors that are better for the planet, anyway: if you’re within 500 miles of Minneapolis, we’ll ship first class (USPS trucks items to Chicago, for example) and refund the shipping overage, likewise free no-contact pick-up in Minneapolis proper. Also: we offer free ground shipping throughout the US with orders totaling $35 or more.

If the high shipping cost bugs you as much as it bugs us, maybe ask other sellers how they’re being mindful of climate and environmental impact as they prep your orders. πŸ˜‰

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

mixed metal, paper holder, steel, vintage sewing needles, vintage sewing notions


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