Use Your Words face masks: Deaconess/surgical style mask w/ filter pocket + nose wire slot. 100% high quality reuse/vintage materials.




Since we’re all a little bit muffled and our smiles hidden right now, we figured it’d be a good idea to create opportunities to let folks know what you’re thinking – be it a bit of encouragement/solidarity, or guidance reminding those grocery store close-walkers to stay the heck away!

These masks are *not* medical grade masks, and neither guaranteed to prevent illness nor avoid disease transmission.

When you purchase any variation of this listing, you’ll receive one handmade surgical-style pleated face mask crafted by one of Junket’s talented sewists using 99-100% post-consumer materials, including 100% repurposed cotton/cotton-poly (mostly vintage) fabric and secondhand-sourced thread. While you have the option to choose a specific color for the face, trim will vary from mask to mask (it’s the only way to keep this ADD girl entertained enough to keep sewing…). 😉

We’ve chosen to offer this particular pattern because we wanted a mask option for ourselves with a highly customizable fit, and also wanted to make sure our masks could serve a broadly intended purpose for as many community members as possible.

After testing and modifying many different styles over the last several weeks, we’ve landed on a modified version of the Deaconess-style mask for its versatility:

• ties = can be fit to any head size

• lightweight cotton/cotton-poly material = good option for warm summer weather, minimal breathing interference, and/or as a ‘keep it clean’ layer that can be tied over a medical grade mask.

• filter pocket = you can test different filter options/material thicknesses to figure out what works best for your breathing needs, activity levels, and weather conditions, and customize accordingly.

• a narrow channel created for the insertion of an optional nose wire (paper clip? twist tie?) = fit closer to face, reduce fogging on eyeglasses, ability to remove the wire prior to laundering (or Instant Pot steaming…google it!).

As you’ve no doubt noticed, all sorts of folks have rushed to sell masks here and elsewhere! Given what we know about the adverse impacts of textile production (water, land use, pollution, yikes!), our masks are made in alignment with our longstanding environmental mission to reduce demand for new manufacturing by providing high quality products made using the most sustainable materials possible: the ones that already exist.

Further, your product will be shipped using secondhand materials via ground shipping: no planes, less pollution, because again, to your health!



Additional information

Weight 3 oz
add a message on the front

_(ツ)_/(shrug emoji), badass, breathe., fuck. (fuckfuckfuck), fuckballs, inside print: moon, love., namaste large script, namaste small script, plain mask/ no print, too close-backorder!, use the force.

Primary color

Blue, cream-brown gingham, Cream-ContrastStitch, cream-coral gingham, Cream-floral trim, cream-that 70s plaid, lt blue-floral trim, Mustard Gingham, Pale Blue Stripe, pride, Red Stripe, Sunshine Stripe, Surprise Me!, White or Cream


  1. Elroy Dibbert

    Hand delivered to my home. They’re great!!! Thank you.

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