Vintage Listo Mechanical China Marker / Grease Pencil for marking glass, porcelain, smooth surfaces / zero waste




When you purchase this listing, you’ll receive the Listo holder you select, any lead that’s already in it (as pictured), and two replacement pieces of lead: one red, and one black (which may or may not travel in an original Listo lead box).

When I was small, my dad always carried one of these Listo grease pencils in his uniform pocket. It traveled with him to and from the bakery where he worked, used to mark boxes of dough before they became freezer goods (Listo leads worked after hours in frigid temps where pens and markers did not).

As a grownup, I’ve found them great for bulk grocery purchases: they glide easily onto (and wipe easily off of) most plastics, glass, china, metal, enamel (hint: the plastic tabs used to close bread bags are a good size for carefully written bulk codes), and unlike those peely wooden grease pencils (great for other reasons), the lead retracts into the holder so it doesn’t break off between uses or mark up the inside of purses or pockets.

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Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 in
Primary color

Black, Cream (Magnetic), Marbled Celluloid, Yellow


celluloid, Metal, Plastic, reused goods, secondhand product, steel, wax


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