Vintage thread sets / 6 spools / choice: rainbows or by color




When you purchase this item, you’ll receive six spools of thread – cotton, poly, and/or cotton poly blend – in the rainbow or color way of your choice. Hues will vary from order to order and may differ from what is photographed. You will receive at least six solid half-spools (unless you specify empty ones!).

We recognize that there are different uses for thread and for the spools that contain said bits… we have set this up so we can target our inventory toward What You Actually Want. 😉

We also know that thread can degrade over time, so if you’re ordering for sewing purposes, we’ll test it before adding it to your order. If your goal is for visual/prop use, we’ll curate specifically for visual interest, instead (up to and including an ’empty spool’ option).

We may supplement your half dozen with a bonus spool if the six we send are in any way scant: *our* goal is to help you avoid having to buy these items new (buying new stuff tells manufacturers/retailers that they should keep creating more emissions and waste when the truth is that these items are already here on the planet…).

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Secondhand goods are embodied energy: choosing to purchase secondhand items instead of new extends the useful life of existing things and avoids the new manufacturing emissions that amplify climate change.

Your order will be shipped in secondhand packaging and will not be put on a plane. If you live in Minneapolis, feel free to apply the Etsy coupon code ‘MPLSCurbside2021’ if you would prefer to pick up your purchase (contactless retrieval) in S. Minneapolis. Thanks!

Choosing to be patient is good for our future. We’ll do our best to be good to you with this order. <3 Thanks for supporting our work!

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 2 in

Black/White/Gray, Blues, Browns & Tans, Empty spools please!, GBV mix, Greens, Oranges, Pinks, Purples, Rainbow: Brights!, Rainbow: Pastels, Reds, ROY mix, Yellows


cotton, nothing newly manufactured, Plastic, polyester, rainbow, string, Thread, wood


Cotton only (sewing), Prop use (wood only), Sewing mix


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