While we carry handmade goods from several dozen local artists at our Minneapolis shop, we also produce our own product lines, all of which incorporate our commitment to net negative carbon emissions through the design and production processes.

Honestly, we’d be selling more stuff, and faster, if we didn’t bother with this constraint (it’d be so much easier to slap these designs on stuff that we can order in volume for cheap — but then, that runs counter to our values, so instead, we’re helping to drive increased demand for things that *don’t* require new materials manufacture by designing for a mainstream audience engaged in socially normative shopping behaviors.

Here are some examples (it should be noted that while we’re a clean cut bunch, we swear a little):

Art prints (made using pages from books that were broken as-found):

100% secondhand sourced journals (paper refills available):

Hand towels (secondhand towels, new ink):