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5 yards of heavy duty button and carpet utility thread / strong vintage cord / repair, retie, reattach / durable sewing string

5 yards of heavy duty button and carpet utility thread / strong vintage cord / repair, retie, reattach / durable sewing string

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We've been collecting (and appreciating) chunky wooden spools of heavy duty 'button and carpet' utility thread for as long as we've been collecting anything (except agates -- that obsession goes all the way back to grade school and licking stones on the playground to see if we might find those telltale translucent patterns...).

But back to thread: this stuff was made back when things were made to *actually* be useful. Thread that you can't snap with your hands? Yep. Good for attaching buttons and securing carpet, making rugs, even waxing as a bookbinding thread or leather working supply? So. Many. Options.

So- whether you've got a specific repair or you just want to be ready when that time comes, we've got you covered with this '5 yards' listing. Pennies are from heaven and not included... ;) Oh- if you need a good needle or 5, we've got those, too.
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