Folks We Love

folks we love

We’ve been fortunate to work with a stunning range of incredible humans over the last several years — many of whom have stepped in for the long haul to make sure we have what we need to keep this little social enterprise growing (in case you’re wondering, this page is our permission – and encouragement – to get to know them, too.)

Behind-the-scenes basics: These folks may not get a whole lot of public acclaim, but they help us keep our underbelly from getting too seedy…

Bookkeeping: Kristina at Marvel Bookkeeping is easily the best bookkeeper we’ve found (and we LOVE that she’s in South Minnie). Wallowing in a heap of receipts and administrative distress? Call her.

Getting Organized: Beth at Lasso, LLC has a gift for helping you not feel like a total loser when you’re wallowing in so much sentimental treasure (can’t let it go because A, B, or C?). She’s particularly adept and patient with the senior set — so if mom or grandma has an attic or basement (or both!) full of accumulated mementos, she’s the one to help them efficiently meander through memory lane while still making smart choices.

Getting Organized, the Paperwork and Energy Work version: Susan Shehata will help you not only get your paperwork under control, but can also help you get to the root of what’s keeping your desktop covered in reams and reams and reams. Finances tight? Check out her annual (and free!) Fabulous Paper Purge for a DIY version (we love DIY…in fact, we sponsor this springtime event).

Video Concepting, Direction, Production & Still Photography: During our work together, Will Keeler of Whiskey Kilo Foxtrot donned a helmet and goggles, hopped on his long board, and clutched the back of our in-motion Junket truck on his quest for the perfect shot (even with Julie at the wheel…). If that doesn’t say ‘commitment,’ we don’t know what does.

Video Production: What happens when your hair-brained idea (hey! We should document a day in the life at the shop via time lapse!) outgrows your own technical aptitude? You call in Jon Steinhorst and then thank your lucky stars.

DONUTS & Coffee: Leave it to Minneapolis locals Mel-O-Glaze and Peace Coffee to rock our world (and yours, when you visit). Every. Single. Morning.

Social impact:

A Network for All Things Reuse: The folks at ReuseMN are working diligently to create a network for all Minnesota businesses involved in the Reuse sector (specifically, this involves organizations that offer product resale, rental, and/or repair). If you’re in the business, you should join. They’re about ready to launch their keyword-searchable directory (seriously! Click here and enter ‘vintage,’ for example, and you can see where this resource is headed as the various businesses get their content loaded between now and early October)…

Environmental Impact Measurement:  We’ve been working with the team at Ecotone Analytics, GBC since the summer of 2015 to identify, measure, and report on the environmental impact of our community’s purchasing choices at Junket. If you want to understand – and communicate – your own organization’s environmental impact (for better or worse – with the intention of moving the dial in meaningful ways), these are your people.

Networking/Support (local and international): Does your work serve a social purpose? Are you committed to making things better? Would it be nice to connect with other humans who are similarly committed to doing well while doing legitimate good in the world? You’ll find others like you at the nearest Impact Hub (a global network of humans doing work that’s similarly focused on making a difference): Impact Hub MSP/Impact Hub Global Network.

Advocacy for socially responsible/progressive small business: If you’re a small business owner committed to doing well by doing good within your community — and you would like to find other small business owners with a similar mindset, you’ll find your people at the Main Street Alliance of MN. Not in Minnesota? MSA is a national organization, and might also have a chapter near you. Side note: as a community-oriented small business, we’ve met some amazing peers through this organization. You know who you are…