junket approved

junket approved

Thanks for choosing to keep your goods available for others to use! We’ve made some recent changes to our donation program, including limited drop-off hours and a more defined set of criteria for what will and will not be accepted. Please read on for more details:

New donation drop-off schedule (effective May 16, 2017):
Your unwanted items are now accepted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between noon-6pm, with additional drop-offs available on other weekdays by appointment (info@shopjunket.com).
We have decided to discontinue weekend drop-offs – they make it difficult for us to serve customers on busy sales days.
Prior approval for furniture, broken, and large items
Please plan to seek prior approval for any/all furniture donations (you may text pictures and a proposed drop-off time to 612-293-6863 or email to info@shopjunket.com). If your item is broken or stained, this is especially true: we need to be able to assess the work necessary before accepting the responsibility of managing this for you.
Our shop’s municipal waste/recycling service is the same as that used by a standard single family home in the neighborhood; we don’t have room or budget to accept things that legitimately belong in the garbage (but we’re happy to review a photo of your item before making that determination).

If we don’t believe we can make a profit after investing any required parts or labor into your stained, damaged, or broken item, we will choose not to accept responsibility for dealing with it. We will, of course, gladly offer guidance so you can remediate your belongings, if you choose.

Clean and ready to sell
Unfortunate reality check: if you bring your dirty items to a big box donation center, they will be thrown in the trash. In fact, we’ve watched as workers empty multiple boxes of breakable goods into giant cartons with every intention of listing to the resulting porcelain crash…

Given our commitment to keeping things out of the trash,  we prefer to limit what we receive in the first place rather than cherry-pick and chuck-the-rest.
With a reduced footprint (effective June, 2017), we won’t have space to store grimy/dusty things until we have time to clean them as we’ve done in the past.

I have asked my team to graciously refuse items that cannot be immediately placed on the sales floor upon arrival: it literally makes the difference between running a viable business and failing to do so.

If it’s important to you that your items have a future other than the landfill, please be prepared to invest some time and energy in giving them the best chance possible.

Items separated by type
Mixed bags/boxes of stuff take ridiculous amounts of time to sort and prepare for sale.  Please think about the work any recipient of your items will inherit as you prepare your goods for donation. We’ll also provide guidance as opportunities present.
We may not accept everything you bring – but we’ll offer alternatives.
We know you guys want to be helpful, and we also know there’s more perfectly usable stuff already flowing through your lives than Junket can possibly handle.

We’re choosing to be more strategic about what we accept — and we’ll gladly share what we’re learning with those who are interested in continuing to help us improve these processes — so that we can provide the highest quality assortment possible at the shop for you, our customers.

Please prepare for more detailed instruction as you visit – and feel free to preemptively review our list of things that other organizations are happy to accept and use!

Thanks for your collaborative partnership in keeping things out of the waste stream. By becoming an informed contributor and meeting us where we’re able to best add value, we’re all able to have a more powerful impact!

With gratitude,