Terms & Conditions

Thanks so much for choosing to conduct business with us! We want this to be a great experience for you, and we’ll make every effort to ensure that this is the case.

Everything we sell is either secondhand or made in our area using secondhand materials. We embrace character, and our best customers are those who expect that purchased items will likely come with some wear, while also having ample useful life remaining (that’s the entire premise of our concept!).

While we hope you’ll love your new find (and while we’ve been careful to list only our most reliable/unique/online-worthy product), we also gladly accept returns within 60 days of purchase, no questions asked. In exchange for this super-flexible return policy (and in the spirit of discouraging unnecessary travel for these secondhand goods), we ask buyers to plan for any return shipping costs. Please reach out to us at 612-293-6863 if you are a current or prospective online buyer with any concerns regarding this jointly-accountable approach to sustainable commerce.