Vintage Ski Adverts

Finding story in the broken is quite a gift…and when such a finding not only happens to be a broken book titled History of the Illustrated Magazine that contains some fabulous vintage skiing advertisings from early 1900’s, but also coincides with the 2018 Winter Olympics?! Well, we can hardly stand serendipity’s timing, y’all.

Here at the shop, there’s a lot of broken stuff. Things that, to the untrained eye or mind, appear to be past their prime, ready for the trash. That, back there, is the operative word: appear. Leonard Cohen got it right—the cracks are how the light gets in. Part of our job is to help our customers see beyond appearances—that broken things don’t always need to be fixed. Or if they do, they can often be fixed relatively easily and inexpensively, or take on a new life by becoming a part of a creative work. And thus, one more thing saved from the landfill.

The artwork of these early 1900’s advertisements is fantastic, many of the headlines read like they could have been taken from today’s news. These vintage prints are a sneak-peek into some of the glorious ephemera we’ve been sorting through, to get out on the sales floor and into your next creative project. Stay tuned!