manifesto & values


manifesto & values

A growing social enterprise, Junkets mission is to make it easier for people to connect with good, used stuff – and to help connect beautiful, used things with people who appreciate and will use them. Our environmental solution: to markedly reduce landfill contributions by eliminating barriers to – and creating enthusiasm for – reuse.

Vintage shopping is on trend and increasing in popularity (the stigma has lifted!). Still, it tends to be a leisure time event, a quest for that unexpected treasure or a sweet vintage bargain. The existing reuse market lacks the complexity and specificity that allows us to easily find something we want, quickly. Imagine the time – and gasoline – it would take to visit the number of thrift stores, estate-, yard-, or rummage sales to find a specific item priced and waiting. Yet, If we were to put half as much energy into developing a redistribution system for great, used goods as we put into new product distributions systems by our big box competitors, we would have world-class distribution of all sorts of high quality items — and the ability to obtain and purchase these things at will.

And so, at Junket were working on it. Need a pencil? 10 cents, freshly sharpened. Beading supplies, crochet thread, hand planer? Yes. At present, the shop offers hundreds of thousands of individual bits and pieces:  3-penny nails and replacement game pieces, fishing lures and gingham yardage – all previously owned, all saved from the landfill.

Better yet? Because were focusing on developing a solution to a mass-consumption issue to which we all contribute, we welcome collaboration. Does the mission resonate? Can you see yourself making a difference? Or maybe you work for a new product retailer willing to consider a new (used) approach to serving the mass market? If so, lets explore how much positive change we can drive together.

This content excerpted from a piece written for the Fall, 2014 issue of Concordia Magazine.

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