our team


our team

Julie Kearns (Founder & Finder)

Julie didn’t exactly aspire to retail: the mere idea of performing the same routine every single day made her want to poke her own eyes out. But pair it with the opportunity to solve a social problem AND to help other people AND to have fun AND to be creative AND to run a company that aligns perfectly with her passions and values? That combo was enough to keep her moving toward a solution (that just happened to involve retail), and to keep her engaged – and 120% invested – in cracking the code around building a legitimate supply chain for all things previously owned and used.

While she doesn’t spend a whole lot of time behind the sales register anymore, chances are good that you’ll run into her mid-project at the shop, pontificating excitedly (about counteracting climate change while fostering social change), treasure-hunting with the Jr. Shopkeeper, fleshing out the Next Big Idea, or tucked away and typing at any of the neighborhood coffee shops. OH- and she legitimately aspires to have an actual private life again some day. Curious about how well that’s going for her? You can follow along as she blogs on this site, as well as her personal accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

Candice Dehnbostel – Social Media Strategist, Event Coordinator, Crew Member

Candice joined the Junket crew back in the fall of 2014, and quickly became an essential team member, handling Junket’s fashion assortment, social media execution, and two morning shifts each week. As if being indispensable at Junket weren’t enough, she’s also The Dynamo behind online enterprise Dynamo Vintage. Need it done quickly and well? Ask this gal!

Karen Grimm (Muscles, Crew Member)

Karen’s been involved with Junket in some way, shape, or form for almost as long as the shop has been in existence. Today, she continues to wear two of the many hats she’s adopted over the years, participating in the shop both as a vendor (the namesake/owner at Karen’s ReKreations), and also as a member of the crew. Karen’s extracurricular interests (as a Hennepin County Master Recycler and Fix-It Clinic volunteer) enable her to bring a wealth of knowledge to the shop — and we’re beyond grateful for her steady hand and preference for routine when it comes to ongoing shop tasks like, um, fixing broken stuff, keeping hand towels stocked in the WC, and overseeing our recycling and compost program. Thanks, Karen!

Dawn Johnson (Operations, Process Development, Crew Member)

Dawn – a working artist and single mama who’s actively figuring out what she wants to do when she grows up – is a fairly recent addition to both the metro area and to the Junket crew. She was enthusiastically brought on board this summer when it became clear that she not only held a similar passion for vintage treasures — but that her past professional Six Sigma certification might just be helpful as we worked to develop systems and processes at the shop. If you see someone sporting tie dye or classic Northern Sun t-shirts, it’s Dawn.

Meridel (The Junior Shopkeeper)

Want to know who’s really in charge at the shop? It’s this sassy pants:

Team Member Emeritus (employee #1): L. Alex Baldwin

Alex jumped aboard the Junket train before the shop had even opened, having responded to Julie’s Craigslist post seeking moving help (she needed to get the shop’s first batch of treasures moved to the soon-to-open shop from her garage, and Alex answered the call). Neither of them could have imagined that this would be the beginning of a nearly four year working relationship at 4049 Minnehaha Ave.

During his time at Junket, Alex supported all aspects of the business at different points — from online operations to running the shop floor, tactical administration to product repair, he made it possible for Julie to focus on other critical aspects of growing the business.

In August 2016, Alex was recruited to strengthen the sales program at Better Futures MN (another reuse business on Minnehaha). We’re thrilled to be able to continue to work with Alex in his new sales management capacity as we continue to collaboratively develop the Minnehaha Mile as a destination for all things reuse and sustainability.

Alex, we literally couldn’t have done this without you.

In Memoriam: Nellie the Shop Dog

Nellie became a shop fixture after her rescue from a high-kill shelter in Kentucky… an inevitable outcome after Julie, who had been occasionally fostering dogs through Safe Hands Rescue, saw Nellie’s rescue video and concluded that a mellow, six-year-old dog willing to pose quietly in an antenna-bedecked headband and faux Hawaiian lei would likely have a shop-appropriate, customers-of-all-ages-appropriate temperament (a conclusion not easily reached for most out-of-state rescue dogs due to their unknown histories).


When Nellie made it to Minneapolis (and to her new, presumably temporary home with Julie & the Junior Shopkeeper) in July of 2013, she was a decidedly older-than-six, closer-to-twelve-year-old girl, with the sorts of health issues typical of an elderly body. We decided almost immediately that our home would be her last one – and that we would give her as much comfort and love (ours and yours) as we could muster.

She spent entire days sleeping in front of the shop (leading more than one of you to wonder if she was still alive). She was crawled on by babies and babied by dog-lovers and loved by everyone at Junket for the year and a half that she made Minnesota (and Junket) her home — and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. We love you, old girl.

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