Collection: pen & ink

Neuroscience says that writing in the cursive method is uniquely good for brain health, and we're here for it -- every thank you note written these days is carried out using handmade black walnut ink using a dip pen with a lefty-friendly nib... lefty for us, and dip pen because it's so amenable to creative experimentation!

We love them as an easy-going alternative to fountain pens, which are notoriously challenging to keep from clogging if you don't use specific types of ink (we've learned to put a premium on creative tools and materials that are unprecious): anything as liable to fail as it is to work when we need it is a solution we can do without.

Dip pens also load well with vintage inks, homemade tinctures, and water-thinned paints, which, well, given how we roll, is pretty well perfect.